“No Lugar Dela” it's a combat album. An album to combat the malice of the days. Conceptual and based on an empathic exercise. The singing and telling of the place of a few women. A man's gaze on these places. Because being in her place is being in someone else's place. Because being in her place is not being her – the other. Believing that through this movement we can have lighter days. Just as if the medicine of our days is empathy. As if empathy was fundamental.

With pre-production by José Mário Branco. With a musical background in fado trio and classical string quartet, we therefore tried the place of the other, or in this case, of others. “We're not going to fool people and say it's a fado record just because we recorded three fados. It won't be a fado record, although it's a fado singer singing it.”

José Mário Branco (julho 2019)

Duarte -  new CD/Book

"No Lugar dela"


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